V(otum) S(olvit) L(ibens) M(erito)

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V(otum) S(olvit) L(ibens) M(erito) is an enthusiastic attempt of a single individual who’s been trying to gather and present various information and news from the world of archaeology, cultural heritage, history, etc. that may interest the wider audience.

Being the volunteer work of one person, VSLM is mostly updated when the said person finds some free time. The selection of presented news and materials can sometimes be quite subjective, depending on VSLM’s own thematic & geographic interests.


VSLM is not endorsed by any of the institutions, organisations, companies or individual persons mentioned in the links in the right sidebar menu. VSLM is not in any way responsible for the contents of the outgoing links and external websites which do not have to be in strict compliance with VSLM’s own views and attitudes.

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